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Owner of this Tumblr likes crackship from George RR Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire.

Everything is Spoilers (unless you read the books :p).


minimalist asoiaf
→ "ghosts of the rebellion"

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Brienne meeting the parent.
(Whoever owns this picture, if you want to source it back to you kindly advice ;) as I just saw this randomly on the net.

Age difference you say?


What they were really thinking.

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Wait a minute, did I actually read “Does he want me to say I love him?” Did I really read this? What…Did…Jon….You are a worst fangirl than all of us!

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Jon glanced back at Stannis. For an instant their eyes met. Then the king nodded and went back inside his tower.

Their eyes met…..
you cant go wrong with a Stark + Baratheon combo.

Jon Snow shirt

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